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On-line Mail Order Reduced Eyeglasses - How to Order
06-07-2014, 04:24 PM (This post was last modified: 06-07-2014 06:29 PM by ClarkNight.)
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On-line Mail Order Reduced Eyeglasses - How to Order
Lot of people e-mail or call asking exactly how to reduce their eyeglass lens strength as the eyesight is improving in stages 'levels' with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement.

I am placing a example of a myopia prescription of -3.50 in each eye with astigmatism in each eye reduced to -2.00 with the astigmatism removed;

Also in PDF;
.pdf  Reduced, Weaker Eyeglass Prescription.pdf (Size: 316.31 KB / Downloads: 124)

Steps to order a reduced, weaker 20/40 minus eyeglass prescription for myopia, ‘unclear far eyesight’; Click the glasses tab on top.

You are here; Click budget.
I clicked the $10.00 option. Click customize and buy.

Now you are here; Click Single Vision and Distance.

Now you are here; Fill your prescription and PD... as I did in this picture, but set your OWN numbers;

This is just an example. This student is going down from -3.50 which is now much too strong because his eyesight improved. Your prescription will be specific for your level of clarity.


For PD; If the doctor has given a different PD for each eye; select I have a dual PD. Then fill in the right and left eye’s PD. Right is filled first even though they have the box on the left side; that box is for the right PD. I labeled this in the picture to avoid confusion.

Now click; Next Step, Choose Your Lenses;

Now you are here; Click select and continue.

Now you are here; Select; No thanks, clear lenses only.
(Remember; on this page and all pages; DO NOT choose tinting, transitions, UV.) You want the glass to be as close to plain window glass as possible to get as much natural light as possible.
Some opticians sell full spectrum light transmitting lenses. That’s good, it means the lens allows the spectrum of light to enter though the eyeglass. It’s still not perfect as when no glasses are worn but it’s the next best thing.

Now you are here; REMOVE THE CHECKS on; UV Coating Anti-Reflection Scratch Resistance See picture below;


Click add to basket and buy.


I do not wear glasses so it's best to also talk to the customer service person and your eye doctor. Each person’s starting point, level of improvement, eyeglass strength reduction (to see the 20/40 line on the eyechart clear) is specific to their condition. You must do some math to figure a perfect 20/40 reduction. Working with an eye doctor is best but many will not teach The Bates Method and will not help you reduce the prescription. In this case you might need to try about 2 different reductions to get it right. Standing at 20 feet; eyechart lines below the 20/40 line when wearing the glasses must be less clear. When they start to be seen clear through the eyeglasses ‘before the 20 line is clear’; it’s time for another prescription reduction.

Some people immediately, permanently stop use of glasses no matter how burry their eyesight is. Others wear glasses temporarily only for driving, work... and need to learn how to buy, use reduced weaker prescriptions. When the sight is 20/40-20/50 without glasses you can stop use of glasses. (Except for driving, safety until the sight is clear to drive, work… safe and legal without glasses.) Eyesight improves faster, easier when glasses are avoided.

For close-reading eyesight; the plus lens prescription is reduced, made weaker and weaker.

Ophthalmologist Bates BETTER EYESIGHT MAGAZINE with Translator, Speaker; - FREE Bates Method Natural Vision Improvement Training, 20 Color E-books. YouTube Videos; - Phone, Google Video Chat, Skype Training;
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