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Reason For Forum
04-07-2014, 12:35 PM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2014 12:42 PM by ClarkNight.)
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Reason For Forum
Reason I created this forum;

To help people improve their vision naturally and avoid harmful methods.

I am constantly cyber-stalked, abused on and Internet Forums, Groups, YouTube by;
People that want to sell eyeglasses, Lasik eye surgery and implanted prescriptions inside the eye, the harmful Plus Lens method.., and hide the Bates method from the public so they do not learn how to obtain clear eyesight naturally and avoid eyeglasses, surgery, cataracts and other eye problems. and by;

Competing Natural Vision teachers, authors that sell expensive inferior $70.00-$275.00 per hour training, seminars, endless levels of training for hundreds, thousands of dollars. And by;

Authors, teachers that sell Dr. Bates 'Better Eyesight Magazines', book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' and eyesight other books for over $500.00.

These corrupt teachers, authors attack Dr. Bates books that I preserve, my books, my (honest) teachers books, attempt to discredit my training, knowledge and 40 years of practice.

I can no longer help people, train them on other internet Forums, Groups due to these bad guys following me everywhere and trying to drown out my posts so they can sell unnatural and high priced methods, limited and/or incorrect training. They attempt to send my students in the wrong direction, to methods, practices that will lead to impaired vision, eye health.

The corrupt people that sell the expensive magazines, books, natural training and unnatural training also hold back on full training, provide only partial training, incorrect training to keep the student returning for endless training and to be sure the student can never become a teacher, 'their competition'.

I, May, 2014 I was banned from a forum I posted on for many years, 1400 posts; because I spoke up against the owner who has decided to use Dr. Bates name to sell click ads for laser cornea surgery, other eye surgeries, eyeglasses, unnatural methods... and because I revealed the names of people on that forum from the Ukraine, Italy that hack Natural Vision Improvement teachers computers, bookstores. I was also banned because I teach the True Bates Method and for FREE. They want to sell the method for a high price and sell eye surgery, harmful methods. They have no heart or conscience. It is MY RIGHT to speak the truth about this situation. So; I now post here where people cannot attack or ban me. Occasionally post on other forums, Yahoo., Amazon to keep the truth alive.

Update; I was unbanned in June. But; the owner is not getting rid of the eyeglass, lasik... guys. I like many of the true Bates Method members but I can't teach on there with all the bad guys cutting in.

The PDF on the GuestPage Rules page lists unnatural methods to avoid; http://naturaleyesightimprovement-batesm...rum-2.html.

People's eyes, vision have been harmed by these unnatural teachers, methods. I created a new PDF in Aug, 2014 with pictures and more information so people know what to avoid. Also includes natural effective methods to cure presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism. Pass the PDF along;

.p  Avoid Unnatural Eyesight Methods-Dangers of, Cataract, Retina Injury Produced by the Plus Lens-Anti-Corrective Method.p (Size: 29.62 MB / Downloads: 50)

(This forum software limits size of PDFs. That means lower clarity. See the website for this pdf in best clarity; Link is on top of the page.

Ophthalmologist Bates BETTER EYESIGHT MAGAZINE with Translator, Speaker; - FREE Bates Method Natural Vision Improvement Training, 20 Color E-books. YouTube Videos; - Phone, Google Video Chat, Skype Training;
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