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Secrets to Bates' Success
10-22-2014, 08:08 AM
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Secrets to Bates' Success
Everyone gets mesmerized by the stories of 15 minute cures, the legally blind regaining vision, or classic statements such as "the cure is as quick as the thought that relaxes." It is natural for us to be drawn by the fantastic, the exceptional, and miss or ignore the rest of the story. It gives us hope, and promise that we too will be able to free ourselves from the reliance on corrective lenses.

The truth is that Bates kept no secrets. He put it all out there in the form of books, magazines, articles in prestigious medical publications, and publicly challenged every expert and peer to prove him wrong. Not a single one stepped forward.

I don't consider myself to be so much a teacher as a practitioner, and one who tries to thoughtfully see more than just the stories that contribute to the mystique of Bates. How did he actually do it? What did he do different that is not done by his followers or even by those who may teach it today? Are there things that are commonly overlooked that could be helpful to anyone trying to improve their vision? I believe that the more light that can be shed on these questions, the better chance we have at demystifying our own visual difficulties, and get on the road to recovery.
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