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Conspiracy Theory or Fact?
08-27-2014, 02:05 PM (This post was last modified: 08-27-2014 02:05 PM by ClarkNight.)
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Conspiracy Theory or Fact?
A Bates teacher stated that toward the end of Dr. Bates' life the eye doctors that wanted to hide The Bates Method, to sell only eyeglasses, eye surgery and drugs ganged together, were taking Dr. Bates to court in an attempt to stop him from teaching Natural Eyesight Improvement. They wanted to take away his ophthalmology-medical license. Dr. Bates died before they could bring him to court. Some people wonder if the cause of his death was natural, really the flu or was it a conspiracy. Was he murdered by 'certain organizations'? Some drug companies and other businesses, corrupt politicians would have been happy to help, possibly exposed Dr. Bates to a 'mysterious virus'.

Teaching, working under adverse conditions, harassment for years may have been challenging. Dr. Bates disappeared, reappeared, worked in different locations, hospitals. He learned, taught much in his travels and found friends, support among other honest eye doctors.

After Dr. Bates passed away and time went by, people could not find his original unedited magazines, books, articles and other books he and Emily may have or had been in process of creating. See Better Eyesight Magazine, April, 1930; "... Dr. Bates and Mrs. Bates to devote more time to the writing of new books on treatment alone for which there has been a very great demand during the past year". Emily stated in Better Eyesight Magazine, May, 1927 that they were showing training movies in California; "Mrs. Lierman is delivering lectures throughout California and is showing moving pictures which illustrate the Bates Method of curing imperfect sight." ('Showing' = the movies were already created and were being shown?) No one has found the movies or new books... to this date. Were they destroyed? Are they being hidden by people afraid to come forward, were people threatened? Are some vision teachers hiding the movies, books due to ego, a power-control type of mindset. I appeal to your conscience, heart and humanity's education; come forward, preserve this great work. Do it anonymously if privacy, safety is the issue.

If I find them I will place on YouTube and publish the books free in PDF e-book and paperback.

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